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New Balance Joins the Custom Sneaker Club

New Balance is following in the footsteps of Nike and Adidas with the launch of a customizable collection of the brand’s famous 998 sneakers. Not only is this the first time that the brand has opened up a custom 998 shoe shop, but it’s also the first time that particular style has included women’s sizing.

The new shoes include 16 different areas available for customization, from choosing the type of sole to the option of personal heel embroidery. The sneakers cost between $199 to $210, depending on the type of customization. It ships fast, too: the brand promises delivery in as little as two days. Once you buy them though, there’s no return option open for these shoes.

To launch the collection, classic new balance shoes 574 New Balance tapped blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style and blogger/model Adrianne Ho of Sweat the Style, plus menswear bloggers Dapper Lou and Articles of Style to model in a lookbook for the new 998s.

Choose New Balance in India For Your Workout Shoes Needs

When you are in the prime of life and classic new balance shoes 574 you have the most energetic part of life on your side, you want to make the most of it. However, a lot of times we forget the importance of youth and take it for granted unless middle age arrives and this then proves to be a problem for health and well-being. With the awareness that what you sow in your young days you will reap in later years, it is important to start realizing the value of health and fitness and learning about ways in which you are able to maintain it impeccably.

While different people try different things to create a feeling of well-being, one of the most tried and tested method is to exercise regularly. You have to ensure that you choose a basic workout regime for yourself and follow it religiously. In order to be able to stick to the routine regularly, it is also important to make sure that you have safety measures in place. Such as the use of reliable equipment, a safe place to work out and the use of quality shoes from brands such as New Balance in India.

It is particularly essential to worry about the shoes because of the fact that they ensure your safety and grip on the work out surface while you exercise. The use of brand such as New Balance shoes help you in also staying free of worry because you can trust them to keep you strongly rooted to the surface and prevent you from losing balance and falling or hurting yourself. The quality of the shoes are able to ensure that you do not have to put in a too much effort and money in buying the shoes frequently after the old ones get worn out.


New Balance pushing autumn and winter running gear around the strong support for the second element

This series of joint models perfect blend of New Balance’s design concept and New Era’s brand identity, and focus on the pursuit of modern fashion consumers. Footwear to the classic remodeling of the 574 Sport shoes for the blueprint design, soles with Fresh Foam Hufeng damping technology in the end and Abzorb cushion, making the foot feel comfortable, flexible fit. New Era signature wool twill is used on the saddle and the upper, while black leather is adorned on the toe, upper band, heel and tongue markings, with modern style and stylish feel. Exquisite rubber outsole and black in the end complement each other, but also New Era metal buckle decorate the details, finishing touch, for the shoes into a clear trendy style.

As the flagship of the New Era, classic new balance shoes the 9FIFTY baseball cap is also a symbol of the brand’s sport and street culture. Launched in 1954, the cap has been characterized by its high brim and cap, as well as its flat visor. It is extremely comfortable and functional, and is favored by global trendsetters. The co-hat cap body with black woven fabric, with a gray wool fabric wrapped brim, and the shoes of the material and color echoes, shoes and hats unite, filling the low-key trend of cool fashion.